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  Freight forwarders" are known by different names in different countries, such as "customs broker", "shipping and forwarding agent", "customs house agent", "clearing agent”. Originally a freight forwarder is agent performing on behalf of the exporter/importer routine tasks such as loading/unloading of goods, storage of goods, arranging local transport, obtaining payment for his customs, .....etc . The terminology used to identify those companies that move freight around the world can be confusing. Most commonly known as freight forwarders, this name hardly describes the depth and the range of services provided by our sector.
Euro Egypt Group Freight forwarder sector are responsible for organising the movement of goods. Plan the most appropriate and economical route for a shipment, cost, transit time and security. We are a part of international trade activity. Whether this sector is acting for an importer or an exporter, the main service provided is the movement of goods. This sector experience will enable the provision of advice on the best routing (cheapest, quickest & safest), the best mode of transport(air, sea, road & rail), customs requirements, packing, insurance, security issues, and the myriad of regulations that applying both the country of destination and the country of origin. We communicate daily with carriers- such as road, air and sea companies-confirming arrangements by fax or email.

    Euro Egypt Group Forwarder sector has three services categories Logistics services.

Local companies
  These are generally small service which tend to deal with customers in the local area , or operate at a seaport or airport concentrating on particular types of traffic.  
  National companies  
  This service has warehousing and handling depots from where they operate. Such services have agents overseas in the markets with which they operate.
  International companies  
This service offers a wide range of worldwide services. You should note that these divisions are identified for ease of understanding. It also changes with the demands of the market.

  What services does Euro Egypt Group the freight forwarder sector offer?  
  This sector basic service is the organisation of the movement of the goods internationally
by all modes of transport. We would typically be appointed by an importer or an exporter
to act on their behalf to move goods into, or out of the country and all that entails.
Traditionally, the role of this sector is simply to undertake transportation, customs clearance
and booking on behalf of exporting/importing companies. However, they must now provide
a whole range of additional services to keep up with the competition. Such as, special
services as consolidation and group age services (grouping individual consignments),
project cargoes, (supplying equipment, customer on customer needs, new markets,
competitive situations, export strategy.
  Inland transportation  
  We move the goods from the place of storage to the port mentioned in appropriate
time , Mostly we use FOT ( free on truck ) term in this service, road trucks secured
and cargo containers secured is our target , for goods moving by sea must be locked and sealed, whilst in the air sector, goods are screened before being uplifted.
  Customs clearance  
  There are documents to be prepared. A freight forwarder sector we are involved in either preparing most of these, or giving advice to the exporter/importer on those documents which they must prepare. The current trend is, however, to reduce the number of documents required. Community legislation, importers and exporters have a legal responsibility to declare and record all goods which enter and depart the preparation of import and export declarations.  
  Freight forwarders are the link between the seller and the buyer. They may be contracted to work for either, and their key function will be to arrange for the
movement of the goods between the two. We will book space on the ship, aircraft
or other transport mode. We will liaise with our agent/office overseas to co-ordinate delivery to the buyer. These actions may be influenced by the method of transportation chosen.
Packing and warehousing

The packing for the goods for export is a complex task to ensure goods are protected against the risks involved in their handling and the modes of transportation being used. Consideration needs to be given to the climates and terrain of the countries through which the consignments will be travelling.
Insurance plays an important part in international trade. Goods in transit are exposed to many risks .our Freight forwarders sector , not being the owner of the goods,
do not have an insurable risk in the cargo and therefore cannot cover the risks to cargo themselves. Unless the exporter / importer asked for.

  WE Euro Egypt Group do On behalf of the Supplier (Exporter):  
Choose the route, mode of transport and a suitable carrier.
Book space with the selected carrier.
Take delivery of the goods and issue relevant documents.
Study the provisions of the letter of credit and all government regulations applicable to the shipment of goods in the country of import as well as any transit country; he would also prepare the necessary documents.
Pack the goods (unless this is done by the consignor before handing them to the forwarder), taking into account the route, the mode of transport the nature of goods and applicable regulations, if any in the country of destination.
Arrange warehousing of the goods, if necessary.
Weigh and measure the goods.
Arrange of the insurance of goods, if required by the consignor.
Arrange for custom clearance, transport the goods to the port, attend all documentation formalities and deliver the goods to the carrier.
Pay fees and other charges including freight.
Obtain the signed "Bill of landing" from the carrier.
Monitor the movement of goods all the way to the consignee through contacts with the carrier and forwarder's agent abroad.
Obtain the signed "Bill of landing" from the carrier.
Note damages or losses if any to the goods.
Assist the consignor in pursuing claims, if any, against the carrier for loss of the goods or for damage of them.
WE Euro Egypt Group do On behalf of the CONSIGNEE (importer):
Monitor the movement of the goods on behalf of the consignee when the consignee controls freight, that is, the cargo.
Receive and B/L all relevant documents relating to the movement of the goods.  
Take delivery of the goods from the carrier and, if necessary, pay freight costs.  
Arrange customs clearance and pay duties, fees and other charges to the customs and other public authorities.  
Arrange transit warehousing, if necessary.  
Deliver the cleared goods to the consignee.  
Assist the consignee, if necessary in pursuing claims, if any, against the carrier for the loss of goods or any damage to them.  
Assist the consignee, if necessary, in the warehousing and distribution.